Motorama Kia | Stonic GT

Kia Stonic GT

Complete with;

  • 1.0L Turbo GDI engine
  • GT Exterior body Kit
  • 17" Alloys
  • Premium Seat
  • Sports steering wheel
  • LED bi-function headlamps
  • LED daytime running lights
  • Sports tuned suspension & steering
  • 3 Drive modes (Eco, Normal, Sports)

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1.0L Turbo GDI engine


Premium Seat


LED bi-function headlamps

What our team have to say

"Kia has had pretty much all its bases covered with their vehicle line-up. From the small Picanto to the sporty Stinger, a large SUV in the form of the Sorento, through to a highly capable people mover with the Carnival. One position they hadn't filled was that of the compact city SUV. The Sorento is just a bit too big for that. However, that problem has been solved with the arrival of the Kia Stonic. We welcomed the latest edition to the Kia family"

"With the Stonic Kia managed to perfectly fuse the road presence of a larger SUV, with the agility of a compact city car in one. Unmistakably Kia, yet with a few unexpected curvy lines around the back, and a more streamlined grill then it's siblings."

"The Stonic looks athletic and fits perfectly within the urban landscape, proven by the fact how easy it is to park and maneuver around tight corners. The dual exhaust at the back gives away its sportiness, while its contemporary designed alloy wheels give it a great stance."

Kayla Dickson, Sales Representative at Motorama Kia

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